Friday, February 24, 2012

1914 White Thirty Roadster

1914 White Thirty Roadster

The White steam cars were catalogued until 1911, after which their entire production were changed to internal combustion engines beginning in 1910. Their engines had four-cylinders in L-head monoblock design with the cylinders cast in pairs. They were mated to a four-speed gearbox with an overdrive top ratio.
This car has a very innovative piece of technology that was very convenient during its day. It has an 18-volt starter/generator that serves as a self-starter and then automatically converts to a generator to recharge the batteries when the speed of the engine increases.

The car can cruise comfortably at speed of 50 mph. If a flat tire occurs or if they need more air, there is a gearbox-driven compressor used to inflate the Non-Skid tires on the road. Also having dual rear spares, windshield spotlight, Stewart speedometer, tool box and a intregal trunk.
This White is also ready for touring or a Sunday afternoon drive. It keeps up with modern day traffic along with excellent braking capabilities. Odds are you won’t see another on the road or at a car show. This roadster is as beautiful as it is unique!

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