Thursday, November 30, 2017

Clever Ways to Wrap Keys When Giving Someone a Car as a Gift

If you recently have purchased or plan to purchase a car for a loved one, you may want to consider a few creative ways to wrap the keys and to present your loved one with the gift. Wrapping car keys can be tricky because they jingle. Someone shaking a box of car keys likely will guess what is inside. Instead, use your creativity to keep the big gift a secret until the right time.

Model Car

Buy a miniature car replica of the car you purchased, and insert the keys inside the car. Many model cars have doors that open. Place the keys across the front seat or tape a car key on the bottom of the car or inside the hood. Include a greeting card that gives the recipient a clue or two about where to look for the key or keys.

Miniature Leather Key Case

Purchase a miniature leather key case. Put the car key or keys on the attached key ring of the key case, which looks like a miniature wallet. Then, insert the attached key inside the key case and snap it closed. This will keep the key secure and will mask noise if the gift recipient shakes the gift box.

Candy Box Keys

Fill a decorative gift box with "noisy" candy--such as gumballs, jelly beans and other hard candy. Throw the keys in the box with a creative, candy-themed key chain and a card announcing the gift recipient's "Sweet Ride."

Gift Bags

Place car keys in a small gift bag filled with crinkled paper confetti. Gift bags are a good solution to "an oddly shaped gift," according to Alternately, wrap the keys in colored tissue paper and place them in the gift bag. Cover the gift bag in car stickers if you would like to be more overt about the gift inside.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

1936 Packard Super 8 Convertible Coupe from Robert Pass Classic Cars

1936  Packard Super 8 Convertible Coupe
COMING SOON: Wonderful genuine 1936 Packard SU 8 Convertible Coupe ready to enjoy. Only 1500 Super Eights were built in 1936. Important to note that 1936 was the last year for the 385 cubic inch straight eight engine, as the smaller 325 cubic inch engine replaced it in 1937. Many styling changes including the 5 degree "tilted" back radiator shell added more style to the beautiful bodies offered. This Packard has a known history from NEW!!! Documented History: 1936 Packard 1404 Super-8 Convertible Coupe Roadster -- Vehicle ID# 14th 959-239 Sold new in Calgary, Alberta to Mr. Jack Baxter. He paid $5000 Canadian for the new Packard. He sold the car to Jim Brewster (Tour bus operator) several years later. It stayed in Canada with Murray Gamon next and shipped to Barph, Alberta where it stayed for many years. Murray shipped the Packard to Custom Auto in Santa Ana, California in 1966-67 for restortion. Completed, he drove it back to Victoria, B.C. to the classic Car museum in 1971. in 1991 it was sold to Gordon Levitt of Vancouver, B.C. It finally went to Seattle, Washington in 1997 and remained in a private collection until 2013. The collector passed away in 2013 and I purchased the Packard in the restored condition as it is presented today. This is one of the best SOLID Packards I have ever driven. It is amazing AND includes a 2 speed rear end for highway crusing.

Friday, November 3, 2017

1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider - This 1962 was one of the last 2000’s built with a minor change of the two functional hood scoops. Luckily Alfa did not change the split front bumper configuration that gives the car a great look.

1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider This 1962 was one of the last 2000’s built with a minor change of the two functional hood scoops. Luckily Alfa did not change the split front bumper configuration that gives the car a great look. In addition, side vent windows were not added to the interim model change. These last cars were built in 1961, however were titled as 1962 models when sold. This particular California car is truly rust free top to bottom as the pictures show. The five speed transmission is mated to the very reliable and strong 2000 liter 4 cylinder motor for wonderful highway cruising. It drives and shifts perfectly through all 5 gears. Alfa Romeo designed the 2000 for just that purpose, as it was heavier than the smaller Giulia models. Finished in Alfa red with red and black leather interior, it makes a great statement. Seat belts have been added front and rear (for the little ones). These Alfas are skyrocketing in value and are excellent investment grade sports cars. In fact, when you look at the body, one thinks of the Maserati 3500 –which is valued at over 3 times the price of the Alfa. Buy at $92,500.