Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1955 Chevrolet Nomad Station Wagon

I purchased this Nomad 4 years ago to re-live High School Days. We used it as a prop at our 50th High School Reunion!!! In fact, my family had the identicial model and color Nomad in the day.
It is a very solid car that runs and drives great-- of course V-8 Chevrolet power as it was delivered. The only mechanical problem was the transmission-- it is now rebuilt.
The interior, carpteting, dash, roof chrome, cargo stainless, and exterior chrome is superb. The only down side is the paint. It has begun to check. I assume the primer has shrunk!!
At any rate, I no longer need the Nomad and it does not fit my collection. This is an honest Nomard that has not been modified!! An interesting trade would be considered.

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