Wednesday, February 28, 2018

*FOR SALE* 1955 Vincent Amanda Water Scooter

1955 Vincent Amanda Water Scooter
Better known for their high-performance motorcycles, Vincent tried to keep solvent by producing industrial engines and a radical idea and design of a personal watercraft. The "Amanda" was truly one of the first personal watercraft ever brought to market. The Amanda was produced from 1953 to 1957. Production numbers are not known, however less than 100 exist is various stages of disrepair or restoration. This fully restored example is complete with its original one cylinder engine and fiberglass body. It is correctly finished in Red and White with the proper yellow vinyl seat. The Amanda runs and functions well. The specs are as follows: Country of Origin: Grat Britain Engine: Aircooled single cylinder 2 stoke style Ignition: Flywheel magneto Power rating: 2.1 hp Displacement 100cc Transmission: Centrifugal clutch drive to the propeller TOP SPEED: 15 mph The Amanda would make a great display in any collection of motorcycles, boats or cars. $7500.00

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