Friday, November 25, 2016

1958 Volvo PV444

1958 Volvo P444 Two Door Sedan The P444 was the first uni-body car for Volvo. This great example is powered by the B16B engine, only offered for less than a year. It develops 85 hp with a 4 cylinder l.6 liter format. The performance with the factory installed twin carburetor configuration is brisk. The P444 was known as an excellent Rally car in Europe and raced in many SCCA Events in the States. In fact, there are several still racing in Vintage Events. The combination of performance and durability won over many two-seat sports car drivers over the years. “Race on Sunday—drive to work on Monday.” This P444 is in excellent condition and restored to correct specifications. The restoration is indeed Concour quality in every way. Several hundred invoices of the entire process are inclued with the car -- plus atleast 50 articles written over the years on the PV444's. As you can see from the pictures, the undercarriage has been properly cleaned, steamed and painted. New bushing and suspension parts have been changed where needed. The detailed pictures speak as to the quality of the work. In a grouping of pictures shown, the bare painted body with suspension was actually taken to a car event to showcare the work done. The proper color white with offsetting blue interior shows well. This Volvo is ready to hit the road !! Priced at much less than the cost of restoration. Drive it home for $26,500.

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