Tuesday, September 15, 2015

1953 Porsche Pre A This is a very special Pre-A Porsche Coupe. The following is a brief description of this EXPERIMENTAL car (#51465) released and sold by the Factory in the summer of 1954 to a U.S. soldier. The soldier, stationed in Germany, flew for the CIA Airline "Air America" and stayed in Germany after the war and married a German girl. He was fluent in German and befriended a Porsche family member. The company was really small at that time, and he was able to buy the "Versuch" or test car in June, 1954 directly from the factory--- after all it was test car and had no more value to Porsche. After about 10 years, the family moved back to the States and brought the car with them. The documentation includes: Factory "cardex" showing it to be a test car. Also shown is a certification letter from Porsche showing it to be a White car with red leather. The 1953 test features on the car were used on the 1954 models. They include: "Clap" windshield wipers, 5 dated and finned wheel covers, a complete tool kit, factory installed antenna, a Distributor brass cover plate, a special transmission mount in addition to the original mount still on the car, and a set of original road lights with safety bars. Luckily, the car has been in dry climates since coming to the States in about 1962. There is no evidence of rust including the very very solid floors. Repainted in 1973, the Porsche is now in need of refreshing if desired. The headliner, carpet, side panels and rear seat are all original. The front seats were re-done in red leather-- however -- the underside of them is totally original and in excellent condition. The factory changed the motor when it was sold from 32325 to 32988- which makes sense after "using up the original". #32988 is an early 1954 motor. However, the transmission, no.2619 is original to the car. Trades considered.

from Robert Pass Classic Cars https://www.facebook.com/robertpasscars/photos/a.391695460938636.1073741825.129879967120188/845677965540381/?type=1

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