Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1913 Peerless 48

1913 Peerless 48 This massive Peerless is powered by a 49.6 hp, 577.5 cu. In. T-head six cylinder engine. The wheelbase is a staggering 137 inches long. This particular Peerless was actually used as a power source by the La Jolla Mining Company after its usefulness as an automobile was no longer needed. It was driven to the mining operation over 90 years ago and destined to be a workhorse for the miners. In 1965, the great Peerless was discovered by a helicopter pilot and friend of a Peerless Collector. The entire story of the retrieval of the remains is described in a great story by the collector in 1966 after a huge helicopter and a team of 14 people retrieved the find. (see picutre) The story, in the HCC Gazette is fascinating to read. Dubbed “The old man of the Mountain” the first restoration was 90 percent finished 15 years later. After completion, the Peerless was shown at Pebble Beach in 1984. It was then placed on long term display in a small mining museum until 2008. It is now totally restored and ready for the Show field again.

from Robert Pass Classic Cars http://www.robertpass.com/inventory_details.asp?offset=6&InventoryNum=1033

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