Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1903 Thomas 18

The car belonged to Henry Janssen of Buffalo, NY for many years. He bought it from a museum in Buffalo when it closed. It was a very original and complete car when Henry bought it. He began to do some restoration on the wood of the body and re-wooded the wheels. Henry enjoyed the Thomas for the rest of his years.  His estate sold the Thomas to a collector in the State of Washington where it had a complete restoration and was finished in 2005. It was shown at a few local Concours shows and driven about 300 miles in Single Cylinder Tours, including completing the Single Cylinder Touring Registry Tour in LaConner, Washington. There are 2 other existing examples of this car known The first year of production for Thomas was 1903. It powered by a single cylinder 8 hp engine with 106.3 cu.inch displacement. This rear entrance tonneau with a 3 speed progressive transmission, leather cone clutch, 28 x 3 wheels, geared water pump, and chain drive is as new. When restored, every part was fitted with new bearings , polished and balanced the crank and flywheel, rebushed portions of the transmission, rebuilt the rear end, new tires, new black leather upholstery, etc. The brass lamps were done by Rick Britten and the single self generating head light is correct for the car and the only one known to exist. The Thomas starts on the first or second pull, runs and drives very nicely and is very reliable. Eligible for the London Brighton Tour for sure !!!

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