Monday, September 24, 2012

1965 Cord 8/10

The brainchild of Glenn Pray, the Cord 810 was developed over several years and first sold to the public in 1966.

The Cord was designed by Gordon Buehrig in his basement as a secret project as to not interfere with his job at Ford Motor Company.  At the request of Henry Ford III, Buehrig abandoned the project and Pray worked directly with US Rubber on the molds.

This is one of six prototype bodies built by US Rubber in 1963. “Royalite” a form of ABS rubber was the product for the project and was used for all production cars from Cord.

A new 1964 Corvair turbocharged engine was mounted in front on the new chassis to accomplish the front wheel drive system like the original Cord. Pray’s partner was a Chevrolet Dealer and sourced the engines from GM for the project.

The complete story is available in the new book  “Glen Pray- The Man who brought the legend to life” by Josh B. Malks

Only 66 cars were built. A true piece of Cord history!!

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